Sell Side Advisory


Founders, shareholders, in-charge seniors who consider the sale of their businesses always expect the maximum price while acquirers seek for the maximum discount. Stand on clients’ interests, our sell side-advisory service help clients positioning the business to optimize the market interest in your company, thus optimizing the price. We also work to develop a broad list of strategic and financial buyers as well as assisting to short-list and choose the most suitable candidates.

We apply a consistent approach with proper modification to individual client:

  • Understanding client industries and client’s objectives (individual and corporate)
  • Thorough understanding and diligence of client business and financials.

  • Documenting the case and defining potential buyers list.
  • Developing and drafting a formal investment profile with supportive evidences.

  • Developing marketing and communication materials and programs.
  • Assist clients in analyzing potential buyers, through the due diligence process, deal structuring, and closing deal effectively.